Is LeafFilter Worth It? 2023 Review and In-Depth Analysis

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LeafFilter Gutter Protection stands out as a premier service provider in the gutter and gutter guard industry, boasting impressive customer review ratings on Google Reviews. Distinguished by its innovative three-piece micro-mesh gutter guard design, LeafFilter not only excels in functionality but also offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative to other styles. The ease of professional installation adds to its appeal, ensuring a seamless process.

Moreover, LeafFilter’s commitment to excellence is evident in its meticulous installation process, which prioritizes the overall condition of your gutters before applying the guards. Our extensive research involved analyzing numerous customer reviews, secret-shopping various popular brands, and hands-on testing of gutter guards. After a thorough examination, we confidently recognize LeafFilter as a standout choice among the best gutter guards available in the market.

LeafFilter at a Glance

  • Material: Stainless steel, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC)
  • Style: Micro-mesh screen
  • Installation: Exclusive professional service
  • Warranty length: Lifetime, transferable
  • State availability: 47 states (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and Arizona)
  • Suitable for: Defending against twigs, insects, bird nests, leaves, pine needles, shingle grit, and pollen

Our Comprehensive LeafFilter Evaluation

To assess the efficacy of LeafFilter’s gutter guard, we conducted a rigorous testing process. Collaborating directly with LeafFilter, we acquired their gutter guard system for evaluation. The LeafFilter team provided us with a comprehensive floor model featuring a simulated roof, siding, and gutters equipped with their micro-mesh gutter guard system.

Our tests delved into the guard’s performance in preventing debris accumulation, ensuring seamless water flow through the gutters, and gauging its resilience against wear and tear. Additionally, we meticulously examined the LeafFilter system, scrutinizing its profile and design to provide you with an informed perspective on its overall effectiveness.

In-Depth LeafFilter Testing: A Detailed Breakdown

Design and Material Evaluation: Our examination focused on identifying potential design flaws that could impact performance. We scrutinized elements such as the micro-mesh screen, fittings, seals, and substructure. Employing rigorous stress tests, we assessed the system’s resilience against impacts, weight, and other factors.

Results: The LeafFilter system emerged with distinction, displaying no faults, subpar construction, or vulnerabilities during stress testing. Notably, the snug fit of the screen into the frame proved impressive, resisting attempts to lodge pine needles into the gap.

Performance Assessment: This test gauged the gutter guard’s efficacy in filtering debris and managing substantial water flow. We introduced various debris types onto the guard and subjected the roof and guard to varying water speeds. The evaluation focused on how effectively the system prevented material ingress and managed water flow before potential overflow.

Results: LeafFilter lived up to its claims, effectively excluding most debris like seedpods, pine needles, and leaves while permitting only dirt and dust passage. It demonstrated excellent water-handling capabilities, effectively preventing overflow even under heavy water flow.

Profile and Cleaning Convenience: Observing the guard from different angles and heights, we assessed its visibility from the ground. Debris was then applied to the guard, and we tested cleaning using water, gloved hands, and various tools.

Results: LeafFilter’s guard excelled in this evaluation. Featuring a built-in pitch, it facilitated easy cleaning with debris effortlessly sliding off. Most debris could be cleared with a light brushing. The system’s subtle appearance was noted, remaining inconspicuous from most angles, with the screen only visible directly from the sides (over the endcaps).

LeafFilter’s Admirable Features

Embracing LeafFilter comes with appreciating its discreet low-profile design, keeping the gutter guards inconspicuous from ground level. The micro-mesh screen stands out for its exceptional filtration capacity, efficiently blocking even minute debris. Moreover, LeafFilter’s professional installation service is commendable, encompassing gutter cleaning, repair, and replacement as needed. The company’s commitment extends to a transferable lifetime warranty, instilling confidence in the product’s longevity.

During our testing phase, we meticulously assessed the height and pitch of the gutter guard’s screen. The unobtrusive appearance and minimal visibility from the ground were noteworthy features. We were particularly impressed by the guard’s outstanding performance, effectively preventing the infiltration of even small debris.

LeafFilter Gutter Guard System Overview

LeafFilter’s gutter protection system employs a densely spaced micro-mesh screen, adept at channeling water while preventing the passage of debris through your home’s gutter system. Notably, the screen excels in filtering out the smallest particles, including shingle grit and pollen. While periodic cleaning and maintenance are still necessary for the gutter system, the level of filtration achieved by LeafFilter practically eliminates the risk of debris buildup within your gutters.

LeafFilter’s Impressive Specifications

Explore the standout features of LeafFilter’s top-notch gutter guard:

Micro-mesh Screen: Crafted from stainless steel with 275-micron openings, LeafFilter’s rust and corrosion-resistant gutter guard excels at blocking debris as minute as pollen and shingle grit.

uPVC Frame: The gutter guard boasts an uPVC frame known for its resistance to warping and bending. This frame incorporates a built-in pitch, ensuring a flush alignment with your roof for a sleek, low-profile design.

Hidden Hangers: LeafFilter employs hidden hangers during installation, seamlessly integrating with and reinforcing your home’s gutter system. This design choice not only prevents the gutter guard from being an eyesore but also enhances its strength and stability.

Quote Process and Pricing Insights

Determining the cost of a LeafFilter gutter guard system involves factors such as your home’s stories, gutter footage, and the need for downspout or gutter repair services.

To obtain a quote, we reached out to LeafFilter. The company follows a thorough estimation process, requiring an inspection of your home. LeafFilter assesses your gutters’ condition, takes measurements, and provides an estimate valid for one year.

It’s important to note that customer reviews have mentioned higher initial quotes from LeafFilter. While some negotiation may occur, securing a lower price is not guaranteed.

Efficient Installation Procedure

LeafFilter’s installation process is a streamlined series of steps designed for simplicity:

1. Quote Request and Inspection: Upon your quote request, a team member schedules an inspection to assess your gutters’ linear footage and determine if repair or replacement is necessary.

2. Agreement and Installation Date: Once you agree to LeafFilter’s terms, the company dispatches installers on the scheduled date. They proceed to install the gutter guards and, if needed, replace your gutters. Before installation, the team ensures your existing gutters have the correct pitch, show no signs of damage, and are properly sealed and aligned.

3. Cleanup: LeafFilter’s team takes care of debris cleanup post-installation. Numerous Trustpilot reviews commend the company for timely installations and satisfactory cleanup.

Maintenance and Cleaning Insights

Maintaining your LeafFilter gutter guard is hassle-free, with minimal cleaning required. After heavy downpours, any remaining debris on the gutter covers typically dries and falls off on its own. Thanks to the built-in pitch, you can use a blower or broom to easily remove debris.

In our tests with the LeafFilter gutter guard model, we observed the built-in pitch facilitating efficient debris removal when exposed to water flow. A light brushing effortlessly cleared any remaining debris.

Despite the guard’s durability, defects may occur. To address this, LeafFilter provides a Lifetime Transferable Warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. While occasional gutter cleaning is still necessary, the installation of a LeafFilter gutter guard significantly reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance. We recommend inspecting your gutter system at least annually or after severe weather conditions, such as hurricanes, that may have impacted the guard or gutters.

LeafFilter Warranty Coverage

LeafFilter’s manufacturer’s warranty boasts a lifetime duration, transferrable to the next homeowner in case of a property sale. However, it’s crucial to note several terms and conditions that shape the warranty’s scope. Below, we outline some key exclusions and limitations:


  • Installation-Related Damage: The warranty doesn’t cover damage inflicted during the installation process to gutters, fascia boards, roof substrates, or surfaces.
  • Structural Changes: Void if the gutter guards sustain damage due to structural alterations, such as those caused by falling trees.
  • Modifications: Becomes void if the gutter guards undergo any modifications post-original installation.


  • Ice Dam Damage: The warranty does not apply to damage resulting from ice dams.
  • Insufficient Downspouts: Inapplicable to homes lacking an adequate number of downspouts based on the home’s size and design.
  • Home Type Limitation: Limited to single-family homes and single-family units within a multi-unit structure.

LeafFilter retains the right to inspect and validate all warranty claims. The onus lies on the buyer to inform LeafFilter of any suspected defects through a written explanation within a reasonable time after discovery. LeafFilter may request additional information, including photos, and may conduct a field inspection as part of the validation process.

LeafFilter Reviews

LeafFilter maintains a generally positive reputation, as observed from recent reviews on platforms like Google and Trustpilot. The majority of customers awarded the company four stars or higher. Positive feedback highlighted LeafFilter’s thorough installation process and professionalism. Some critical reviews raised concerns about high prices and perceived pushy sales tactics.

Selected Reviews:

Naomi Allen via Google Reviews: “Our gutters were old and not working well. LeafFilter replaced and added gutters, downspouts, and fascias around our home. They did a beautiful job! Our gutters are efficient and aesthetically appealing as well.”

Kenneth Bradford via Google Reviews: “LeafFilter installed the leaf filter system to my gutters. The representatives were very professional and easy to speak with. The installer did a marvelous job installing the filter system. No more rooftop climbing for me.”

Mitch Mitchell via Google Reviews: “I received a quote for over $10,000… If that wasn’t ridiculous enough, then I received a text a few days later telling me they would offer ’employee’ pricing. Today they changed their quote to $3,645 for cash transactions.”

Chris Page via Google Reviews: “LeafFilter employed misleading sales tactics stating ‘lifetime warranties’ at sale but then refusing to supply warranty documentation until after work is completed.

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Our Recommendation

After a comprehensive evaluation, we confidently recommend LeafFilter as our top pick among the reviewed gutter guards. The company impresses with an effective design, positive customer reviews, and a convenient professional installation service. Our thorough gutter guard testing affirmed LeafFilter’s micro-mesh guard’s efficacy in water filtration and debris prevention, coupled with an aesthetically pleasing design. The added assurance of a lifetime transferable warranty further strengthens LeafFilter’s position as a reliable choice.

LeafFilter FAQ

Q. Why are clean gutters important?

A. Clean gutters are crucial for safeguarding your home’s foundation and siding from water damage caused by overflow. They also deter pests attracted to decaying organic matter and help prevent mold and mildew resulting from roof leaks and rotting fascia boards.

Q. What is the best material for gutter guards?

A. Micro-mesh and surface-tension gutter guards generally provide optimal results. These types are effective at blocking small debris like pine needles and require minimal maintenance and gutter cleaning.

Q. Will LeafFilter install gutters for me?

A. Yes, LeafFilter offers gutter installation as part of its process if deemed necessary during the installation or upon the homeowner’s request.

Q. Do I need to clean LeafFilter gutter guards?

A. Rarely. LeafFilter’s gutter guards are designed for minimal maintenance. While some debris may accumulate during heavy downpours, the built-in pitch allows easy cleaning with a blower or broom. Alternatively, you can wait for the debris to dry and fall off, as the guard utilizes surface tension to remove debris.

Q. What colors are available for LeafFilter gutters?

A. LeafFilter gutters come in various colors, including beige, brown, white, and gray. Homeowners can choose a color that complements the aesthetics of their property.

These FAQs aim to address common inquiries about LeafFilter, covering topics from the importance of clean gutters to the installation process and maintenance of their gutter guards. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to LeafFilter’s customer service for further assistance.

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